‘Asperger’s Coming Out?


The title refers to the metaphorical ‘closet’ that a gay person comes out of when opening up to the world about their sexual preference. Should Aspies ‘come out’? Is there such a thing as the Asper-closet? Sadly it seems so. I’ve recently been sent an invitation to a course on “navigating the job market and feeling well at work”. The final point on this sheet was “Should you tell your employer about your Asperger’s condition”. (I do hate that word ‘condition’. Pregnancy is a condition. Eczema is a condition. Asperger’s is a disorder.) Anyhow, that got me thinking; should we tell people at work about Asperger’s or just let them think we’re weird? Do human being have the capacity to accept ‘difference’ without judgment, criticism and rejection? These are very seriously big questions. The answer is th some do but sadly most don’t. How do I dare make such sweeping statement? Gay people face this issue head on. They’ got organised and spoke out. Easy when you have people skills and confidence no so when you don’t. But we NAs (neuroAtypical) could learn a lot from the gay community. Of course sexual preference isn’t as much of a hindrance at the workplace as having Asperger’s syndrome with all its quirks and I’m not intending to compare or disparage the problems faced by gay people. So come out with ‘it’ or not? After much deliberation based on plenty of personal experience I decided not to unless asked about it specifically. Kind, compassionate people with the ability to accept and even like or love those who are different are sadly rare. Therefore, I’ll answer truthfully if I’m asked to those whom I may deem worthy of my trust but refused to give ‘ammo’ to bigots.


About Aspergirl's Planet

Woman from the edge of Planet Asperger's. On a mission to make people talk, learn about and recognise neurodiversity. We humans have made a huge leap towards accepting each other's differences such as ethnicity and sexuality. Yet people with mental health issues whether genetic or environmental still suffer discrimination regardless of age, ethnicity or sexuality. The deeply rooted fear of the 'different' will take all of us to dig down. The world has come a long way understanding mental health but still there is a long way to go. My mission is to help people 'warm' to the idea of neurodiversity. Embracing an idea irrevocably opens the mind. I hope my blog will make you feel more positively towards those who are different! If you are an Aspie I hope you'll free 'comfortable' here! I can't promise life affirming insights but promise the straight talking truth you'd expect from a high functioning autistic person.

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