Vitamins and Other Pseudo Scientific Cure for ASD


First of all if you believe in Homeopathy, faith healing or similar crap, you might as well leave my  blog now. It’s not for you. However, if you don’t but think that Vitamin supplements might help ASD read on. The fact is that there are way too many wild theories about the causes of ASD and even more about ‘cures’ Sadly research into autism is still in its infancy but one thing is certain; ASD is a neurological condition with clearly defined, difficult to manage symptoms but no cure. At least none, accepted by any reputable institution anywhere on this planet. Sure vitamins are essential for us all NT’s or ASD’s regardless, but I do believe that everything our body needs it will receive from food. So unless someone has a medical condition or a on special diet due to all sorts of crazy stuff in their head like religion or emotional attachment to certain domestic animals, there is really no reason to spend one penny on artificially created vitamins, shark cartilage, and other nonsense. Quacks come up with a plethora of idiocy, the latest one I heard of is called ‘Methylation’ (just another term for take iron and whatever because you must be deficient of it if you’re on a spectrum…WTF ‘scuse my french… the only deficiency I got is that of social skills .. in case you haven’t yet noticed. However other than that, I am in perfect health and as a matter of fact if you saw me you’d admire a Picture of Health. Please if you’re still reading it and belong to the group of  that  Hopes for Cure, perhaps instead of spending so much energy into researching alternative therapies, we should shift focus onto getting the world to understand and accept us the way we are. Now go and eat your greens! 🙂Image


About Aspergirl's Planet

Woman from the edge of Planet Asperger's. On a mission to make people talk, learn about and recognise neurodiversity. We humans have made a huge leap towards accepting each other's differences such as ethnicity and sexuality. Yet people with mental health issues whether genetic or environmental still suffer discrimination regardless of age, ethnicity or sexuality. The deeply rooted fear of the 'different' will take all of us to dig down. The world has come a long way understanding mental health but still there is a long way to go. My mission is to help people 'warm' to the idea of neurodiversity. Embracing an idea irrevocably opens the mind. I hope my blog will make you feel more positively towards those who are different! If you are an Aspie I hope you'll free 'comfortable' here! I can't promise life affirming insights but promise the straight talking truth you'd expect from a high functioning autistic person.

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