What I want


What I want

is a T-shirt like this! πŸ™‚
I often feel like being with people…. Well, at least once in every couple of days for about an hour. The rest of the time I rather enjoy being the outside observer. Interacting requires such an effort. Most people are energy vampires that suck the life force out of me. There are a few who actually charge me up some of the time. The kind, positive and creative type who has at least as many interest as I do. The hardest thing about ‘social interaction’ is responding to people with what they want to hear as opposed to the truth. I find lying a really hard work.

  • – First I must pay attention to what people tell me.
  • – Then work out the meaning as well as
  • – the unsaid from intonation and facial expression.
  • – Then I have to think real fast what I know about the person to work out what response she or he would most likely to want to hear.
  • – Then, pay attention to what intonation I use in my response,
  • – meanwhile minding my own facial expressions and body language.

All for a little white lie that makes the person like me enough to want to talk to me again.

Most people take social interaction for granted. If they only knew how hard it for some of us…

…so actually what I really want Β is more friends who like and accept me the way I am.


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  1. See – this is one of the many things about human nature that fascinates me. My son is an Aspie and the nicest, most polite, friendly and kindest person on God’s earth. Despite the general belief that Aspie’s are allergic to all forms of human / social interaction, he’s one of those that loves being around people and talking the hind legs off a donkey or letting them do the same.

    Even if they’re boring him to death or he’s not sure whether he’s been free to go for the last five hours, he’d stand there for another seven rather than cut them off and risk appearing rude. He doesn’t always get the cues and sometimes loses himself amid talk of Minecraft servers or whatever but generally speaking, he does better than most grown adults I know.

    I on the other hand can’t abide idle, mindless chit-chat and don’t fair well at all with pleasantries and telling people what they probably want to hear or engaging in gossip. My son thinks I’m really unsociable and sometimes says I’m horrible because I cannot be bothered with people. I’m not rude or mean – far from it actually. I just can’t feign interest when a neighbour starts telling me about the guitar strings he bought last week but had to send back because they weren’t the right ones for his guitar because his guitar is this make and those strings were for that make and…. ROLL THE CREDITS.

    I’m fortunate to have an ability to cut conversations short without seeming rude and I’m very clear about it as well because I know some people struggle to read subtle hints. After that, I’m all out of supplies and it shows. Honestly, there’s no mistaking it.

    I personally think people generally talk too much about absolutely nothing whatsoever. They talk when they’re happy, when they’re angry and sad and go overboard with the talking when they’re trying to gently ease their way into asking a favour or about to say something that might not go down well. The notion of just saying it and getting it over with is alien to most people and it frustrates me.

    I’d happily live in a world where email and text messaging was the main form of communication. πŸ™‚

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