NA Girls and Boys are different

“Generally, it is considered that females with autism tend to be more severely affected,” Meng-Chuan Lai, who led the research, said. “They are thought to have more neurological problems, lower intellectual ability, and so on.” “However, our research implies that this could be due to the fact that females with less severe autism might be under-recognised in clinics and in past research. Autism affects different parts of the brain in women, and therefore probably manifests itself differently. “This raises the possibility that female autism is much more widespread than previously thought, but is undiagnosed.”

I live in East Sussex where the waiting list for counselling is one year! To be referred to the Neurology Clinic for diagnosis one must attend counseling with an NHS approved psychologist or psychiatrist.  If the said counsellor deems this to be necessary, they will make a referral to the above mentioned clinic, where the waiting list is a further one year. That’s two years minimum in total. As there are no specifically trained therapists working at the local NHS trust where the counselling takes place. The chances of being diagnosed is very slim. Getting official diagnosis is well near impossible.  Women exhibit much subtler symptoms but that does not mean we suffer less. I continue campaigning  and perhaps one day the world will be ready to step out of this ‘dark age of mental health’.



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